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important broadcast

I’ve decided to start blogging under a new url address!!

Yellow Square Love


I’m a little nervous about it, but excited for the new layout and things to be coming. Nathan will be adding a few more design elements in the next week or so, and I am hoping for the blog to be added to Top Baby Blogs. I’ve found so many blogs I adore and read daily via that site, and thought it would be fun to join a blogging/journaling networking site after all these years.

I don’t have the largest following at this blog, but those who do read I treasure your comments, well-wishes, and presence (even when I don’t know you are there). I do hope you join me over at Yellow Square Love!

This message was brought to you by the Sunday morning latte I want.
Latte for here, please

22 weeks

My mama is here this week!
Today we went grocery shopping (I used coupons and saved a ton - was so excited!), and tonight we are having chili and cake with friends! Game night! I’m hoping we get a good game of Cranium or Clue in. We have plans to go to the Museum of Contemporary Art, window shopping, and baby talking. Tomorrow should be a lot warmer so we might even be able to walk around the neighborhood.

We took my 22 week photo today! Minus a very long headache this week I’m feeling really good. I can’t believe how fast time is going right now - Thanksgiving is next week, and I only have 18 weeks to go until we meet our little girl! That’s incredible! I’ve been daydreaming about who she will be, and what she will look like, and how cool it will be to watch her discover the world. I have always had such a zest for discovery, and I’m excited to see that through her eyes.

Oh, and I’ve been sleeping a lot better this week though my dreams have been crazy!

22 weeks

My mama also brought so many sweet heirlooms from her childhood and mine! I can’t wait to share them - from my first blouse, shoes, and an amazing ceramic bassinet that my grandma received with flowers when my mom was born. It’s almost 53 years old!

22 weeks

22 weeks

22 weeks

And, finally me and my lovely, funny husband.

22 weeks

doggy books

Growing up I loved books about animals. Well, really just cats and dogs. I had posters of them when I was old enough to decorate my room, and I still sought out books for young readers about animals. My favorite young adult book growing up was Black Beauty.

I also had a few other favorites as a kid one of those was a book called Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion.

Has anyone read this book? It is so good! We read it so many times that it eventually had to be duct taped down the spine to hold it together! I still have it somewhere… in a box at my mom’s I think. The other day I found a new shop Seek that I love! And, discovered they had a small area for vintage children’s items. I scooped a couple of books, and then noticed this one.

illustrated by one of my favorites

There was something so familiar about it. I had never seen this book, or read it. And, then it hit me that dog looks kind of like Harry! So I bought that one, too and came home to see if there was any connection. Turns out Margaret Bloy Graham illustrated and wrote an entire series about Benjy the dog as well as illustrated the Harry the dog series! Jackpot!

The book is adorable, and the illustrations bring back such warm thoughts of when I was a kid. I loved reading, and Nathan and I are committed to reading to our little girl all the time as she’s growing up. I’m excited to read more of the Benjy series, and to pull our my very favorite Harry the Dirty Dog.

Here are a few more books I got while at Seek.

the town and the country mouse...love this book
Another new favorite. I had always heard about this book, but don’t think I ever read it. It had tears in my eyes (we will blame that on hormones), but it was very sweet and represented how I feel lately about the city and the country.

little golden books
You know I love a Little Golden Book! I had the Dog Goes to Nursery School growing up as well, and one of the Panda books! Both of them brought back good memories.

the next frontier

You know those moments where life hits you like a ton of bricks? You fall back bewildered, surprised, and shaken. You don’t feel the after effects all at once. It just starts as a tiny tingle from the impact spot and moves like a wave over your body until you realize what just happened.
A ton of bricks just hit you.
And then you start to cry. Not because it hurts but because something just knocked you over, and said Hey-Hi-You-in-there-Hello-Wake-up.

This happened to me last night.
I saw a photograph of Nathan and I.
And, it woke me up.
There were only two smiley faces in that photo.
Not three.
There were only two bodies to worry about, feed, clothe, entertain, love.
Not three.
There was a lot of familiarity in this photo.
And, I started to tingle from my heart outward.
And, I started to cry because my mind was able to finally fully realize.
We are going to be parents.
We are going to be three.
We are going to be unfamiliar and uncharted.

And so I replied Hey-Hi-You-Hello….I-see-you.
There’s really no need to knock me over like that.
But thank you.

quilting mishap

I took quilting 101 last week at Joann’s.
Well, it was terrible.
No, I mean I was terrible. The class was fun actually, and my teacher was hilarious.
But someone forgot to mention that pregnant women with pregnant mush brains (ie. can’t remember anything, can’t follow directions) should not take classes that call for precision at 8 o’clock at night!

I did have fun, though. See I showed up…early. I usually do if I can help it, and I came prepared. As prepared as I am for school of any kind - Nathan laughed at me before hand because I make shifted some of the supplies I was supposed to bring. I couldn’t find masking tape in the house so I brought painter’s tape! We have lots of that it seems. I set up my sewing machine, and all my supplies neatly. I was ready.

About twenty minutes in to the class as the other 3 women and I are taking notes another woman walks in. She sits down, and the teacher says a funny comment about her being late. Another 5 minutes pass by, the late woman is scribbling on her i-pad, “Were we supposed to bring our own supplies and machine?” she says. She was empty handed minus her i-pad. The teacher said it would be okay - we could share.

And, wouldn’t you know she was the only woman that actually finished her block by the end of the class! I just couldn’t believe it!

Towards the end of the class I went up to iron my 5 inch squares only to realize I had sewn them all backwards!! I just put my hand on my head and started to laugh out loud uncontrollably. This was also after I only cut one strip instead of two, and trimmed my squares wrong. I mean really I was listening, I promise! The teacher was very nice though, and came up to me at the end of class. “Don’t be discouraged, Carey… it takes practice,” she said to me.

Boy do I know!
The good news - I have the basics. With a little patience, more time, and an alert brain I think I could sew a hole in the barn door quilt. It’s my goal at least!

This is what I had by the end of the class.

really bad hole in the barn door quilt block

I did like the colors/prints I chose.

temporary home

My best friend is home for a while. It’s an interesting chapter in all of our lives, and no matter the circumstance I have to admit that I am excited he is here. We’ve been through thick and thin since I was 17 years old. He taught me how to drive in his old red convertible le baron and got me my first job at Target. I introduced him to Webster the school we all decided to go to, and we rented a house together throughout college. We threw the best parties.

And, he’s home.
It makes me giggle but Bradshaw is back.


We all met for brunch yesterday. It’s been really hard to get together as a group for a while. This city just keeps getting bigger and colder. It’s easier to stay inside sometimes. AJ has always been able to get us out, though.





21 weeks and 3 days

21 weeks and 3 days

This week we bought baby girl’s first dress, and her papa read to her quite a bit! I love this time as much as she probably does. Reading the Little Golden Books again is so fun, and funny. The Shy Little Kitten had me cracking up! It’s a great way to reminisce and for Nathan to bond.

She has been moving around a lot! I can feel her changing positions throughout the day and she is definitely moving up and more center as time goes on. I try to get Nathan to feel but I’m usually too late, and then she stops! I’m noticing she likes to kick in threes and fours though so next time I will move faster! Though she did kick real good for him to feel this morning.

21 weeks and 3 days
being silly

21 weeks and 3 days

I’m becoming more interested in how to care for a baby, and have been trying to dial down my sources of information. Any good books you know of? I watched this breastfeeding how to on Baby Center, and I have to tell you I was a little intimidated.

Two things I am going to do for myself in the next few weeks - haircut and new glasses.
Other than that we have a lot of visitors coming - Uncle AJ, Mammie (My mom), and Uncle Drew in December!

your first dress

I got a package the other day! It was from hart and sew on etsy! I drool over these baby clothes all the time!

Well Nathan and I finally decided on a suitable first piece of clothing for our baby girl. I don’t know why I wanted it to be so special, but I did. You know years from now I can say that was your first dress! I might have squeeled when I opened the box. They were both wrapped so sweetly with a blue ribbon, and in perfect condition!

It’s just a dress, but it makes me the whole idea of having a daughter so much more real in my mind. She will fit in to that!! Can you believe it?!

vintage baby clothes

vintage baby clothes

vintage baby clothes

Oh, and I got this cute as a button jumper as well!

vintage baby clothes

warming up!

It was almost 70 degrees here yesterday so we grilled out chicken in the backyard, and sat around a bon fire! It’s been wild to have such mild weather (even sad knowing why), but we are taking advantage of it.

Oh, and tonight is my Quilting 101 class at Joann’s! I am super excited to see what this is all about, and learn if I have the patience to do it. Yesterday I went to pick up some supplies for the class and seriously got so excited because Simplicity patterns were 5 for $5! I got a couple easy to sew dress patterns and baby things. Hoping to try it out this week!

Wish my luck with quilting! Anyone else ever done it?
I’d love to make a quilt like this!

photo from Ohdeedoh

I did it!

We recently moved our rooms around to accomodate the need for a bigger bedroom (so I can get in and out of the bed with ease and to have space for the bassinet and baby things), and so I got a new sewing space! I thought I deserved a new sewing machine, too, and organized!



I’m basically not allowed to buy any more fabric until I make more things!


So I started with my first pattern - a stuffed animal! I went for the giraffe because well, they rock!




She’s so purty!





Meet Georgina the Giraffe for our baby girl.

I really struggled with putting the eyes on because I forgot to do it before I finished the stuffing. She won’t really be played with so that’s why I went for the smaller buttons, but overall I was really pleased. I even sewed my first two darts! What?!