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your first dress

I got a package the other day! It was from hart and sew on etsy! I drool over these baby clothes all the time!

Well Nathan and I finally decided on a suitable first piece of clothing for our baby girl. I don’t know why I wanted it to be so special, but I did. You know years from now I can say that was your first dress! I might have squeeled when I opened the box. They were both wrapped so sweetly with a blue ribbon, and in perfect condition!

It’s just a dress, but it makes me the whole idea of having a daughter so much more real in my mind. She will fit in to that!! Can you believe it?!

vintage baby clothes

vintage baby clothes

vintage baby clothes

Oh, and I got this cute as a button jumper as well!

vintage baby clothes

8 Responses to “your first dress”

  1. 1 Candace

    !!!!! Cute as can be!

  2. 2 Tara

    So cute, love the jumper! I love looking at the vintage baby clothes on etsy. I have some of mine from when I was little, but doesn’t do me much good with 2 boys.

  3. 3 Uncle AJ

    Wow, that jumper is soooooo damn cute! Katie and I are sitting here reading through the blog together and we were like, “yep, that is a Carey’s baby first outfit…like Mama like Daughter.”

  4. 4 roxie

    The first dress is very important!! My mom gave me mine when I moved away from home and I have been meaning to frame it. You inspired me to get on that this week. You picked the perfect dress for your little one!!

  5. 5 Uncle Drewy

    Just wait for christmas sis. You will love what I got her. My niece is going to be the prettiest baby girl in the world. I can’t wait to meet her :)

  6. 6 Carey

    @Candace thanks! I wanted everything on there!

    @Tara… awww a boy!! That jumper is unisex I think. That’s awesome that you still have a few from when you were a kid.

    @AJ and KT Hehehe miss you both!

    @Roxie that is awesome! I have one of my first blouses still. Well my mom is bringing it up when she visits. I’d love to see if it fits our girl one day. Framing sounds like a good idea though! That is a must. I bet yours was so stylish!

    @Uncle Drewy She’s going to be so spoiled by you! xo I can’t wait to see!! So soon!

  7. 7 stacy hart

    hey, i found your blog from the link to my shop. i just have to say that dress was one of my very favorites, i’m so glad it will be a special dress for your little girl! i’m having a girl too (my second), looks like i’m just a week or two ahead of you!

  8. 8 Carey

    @Stacy Thank you!! I love your shop, and I am sure I will be back. Congratulations on your second baby girl. That’s gotta be exciting - a baby sister!

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