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quilting mishap

I took quilting 101 last week at Joann’s.
Well, it was terrible.
No, I mean I was terrible. The class was fun actually, and my teacher was hilarious.
But someone forgot to mention that pregnant women with pregnant mush brains (ie. can’t remember anything, can’t follow directions) should not take classes that call for precision at 8 o’clock at night!

I did have fun, though. See I showed up…early. I usually do if I can help it, and I came prepared. As prepared as I am for school of any kind - Nathan laughed at me before hand because I make shifted some of the supplies I was supposed to bring. I couldn’t find masking tape in the house so I brought painter’s tape! We have lots of that it seems. I set up my sewing machine, and all my supplies neatly. I was ready.

About twenty minutes in to the class as the other 3 women and I are taking notes another woman walks in. She sits down, and the teacher says a funny comment about her being late. Another 5 minutes pass by, the late woman is scribbling on her i-pad, “Were we supposed to bring our own supplies and machine?” she says. She was empty handed minus her i-pad. The teacher said it would be okay - we could share.

And, wouldn’t you know she was the only woman that actually finished her block by the end of the class! I just couldn’t believe it!

Towards the end of the class I went up to iron my 5 inch squares only to realize I had sewn them all backwards!! I just put my hand on my head and started to laugh out loud uncontrollably. This was also after I only cut one strip instead of two, and trimmed my squares wrong. I mean really I was listening, I promise! The teacher was very nice though, and came up to me at the end of class. “Don’t be discouraged, Carey… it takes practice,” she said to me.

Boy do I know!
The good news - I have the basics. With a little patience, more time, and an alert brain I think I could sew a hole in the barn door quilt. It’s my goal at least!

This is what I had by the end of the class.

really bad hole in the barn door quilt block

I did like the colors/prints I chose.

2 Responses to “quilting mishap”

  1. 1 Mary Zimmer

    I should have taken pictures of the 8 out of 20 squares that I threw away the other night when I started my quilt. They were supposed to turn out perfectly square, and they looks similar to the letter L when finished.
    And I have been sewing for 25 years. So no worries.

  2. 2 Carey

    hahaha That’s funny to hear! It is so hard to sew those straight lines. I didn’t realize quilting was such a precise hobby! Thanks Aunt Mary!

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