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22 weeks

My mama is here this week!
Today we went grocery shopping (I used coupons and saved a ton - was so excited!), and tonight we are having chili and cake with friends! Game night! I’m hoping we get a good game of Cranium or Clue in. We have plans to go to the Museum of Contemporary Art, window shopping, and baby talking. Tomorrow should be a lot warmer so we might even be able to walk around the neighborhood.

We took my 22 week photo today! Minus a very long headache this week I’m feeling really good. I can’t believe how fast time is going right now - Thanksgiving is next week, and I only have 18 weeks to go until we meet our little girl! That’s incredible! I’ve been daydreaming about who she will be, and what she will look like, and how cool it will be to watch her discover the world. I have always had such a zest for discovery, and I’m excited to see that through her eyes.

Oh, and I’ve been sleeping a lot better this week though my dreams have been crazy!

22 weeks

My mama also brought so many sweet heirlooms from her childhood and mine! I can’t wait to share them - from my first blouse, shoes, and an amazing ceramic bassinet that my grandma received with flowers when my mom was born. It’s almost 53 years old!

22 weeks

22 weeks

22 weeks

And, finally me and my lovely, funny husband.

22 weeks

3 Responses to “22 weeks”

  1. 1 Janet

    Nathan’s like “Yeah I did that!” hahah

  2. 2 Candyce

    you two are the cutest, Tip: (i have too) in day dreaming about what she will be like (if writingin a journal or baby book) do not …. i repeat DO NOT write anything you would wish for her physically… this sounds funny or trivial but finding out my momma wanted a babygirl with huge bright blue eyes long eyelashes and light blonde curls, at 15 when i had dark blonde (that i had been dying for years) stright as a pin hair with normal sized hazel eyes normal eyelashes… it made me quite unreasonablly sad one day.

  3. 3 Carey

    @Candyce that is sad! Your mama loves you, and you are so beautiful! Better than any curly blonde girl I’ve seen.

    Good advice though! I honestly haven’t been putting traits to her yet - I have no idea who she will look like or what she will be like, and that is actually exciting. I’ve always loved surprises. I never shook the boxes under the christmas tree because I really love that moment of surprise - opening the package to see all the freshness and love and thought at once. This little girl is the best surprise gift I could ever be given.

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