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sunny times

Sunday gave way to sunshine and warmer temperatures. I don’t know how much longer this will last so we took advantage of it! A long walk, dog park, and hot chocolates.

dog park sunday

dog park sunday

dog park sunday

Tucker had a lot of fun at the park, and met a few friends. Ya know that slobber wins them over!

dog park sunday

dog park sunday

dog park sunday

dinner is served

This weekend I tried a new recipe! I haven’t had much energy to do any new cooking lately so it was fun to browse through a few recipe books for something to try. I made chicken breasts stuffed with prosciutto and herbs.

Saturday dinner

Saturday dinner

Saturday dinner

Saturday dinner

Saturday dinner

Once the chicken breasts were stuffed it bakes for about 15 minutes, then I poured in broth which made the mushrooms and chicken very tender.

Saturday dinner

It really wasn’t that hard, and I feel like the presentation is pretty!
The only complaint I had was that the parsley was a little overwhelming as far as the herbs go. I also had a tossed salad with candied walnuts (I candied them myself) and cranberries as well as pumpkin leek soup.

Oh, and I can’t forget the cheese! This is the first time we did a “grown up” cheese plate! It was delicious!

Saturday dinner

Saturday dinner

We had smoked gouda, brie, a very pungent bleu, and a red wine goat.

20 weeks and 3 days

20 weeks and 3 days

Chicago is cold! Those leggings and tights I purchased at Motherhood last week are definitely coming in handy! I don’t have too much to write since I’ve been so busy blogging this week already! But here’s another picture of our 20 week baby girl bump!

20 weeks and 3 days

I was pleased to learn that I gained one pound last month, so I am sitting at 11 pounds gained so far. Good job mama! Baby girl is 11 oz and about the length of a banana! Weird since I was craving a banana split yesterday! Overall I’m feeling really good especially considering being sick. I’ve been having a little restless sleep this week, but trying to go to bed earlier since it only seems to happen after I get up in the middle of the night.

My favorite part of this week has been when Nathan and I are laying in bed talking about baby names. Do we have a daughter named ….? Is the question I like to ask. It’s fun, and then she does a flip in my tummy!

brought to you by my lack of sleep.

I am super excited to have a girl! But I have to admit that I personally think boys clothing is way cuter than girls. Shocked?! I wouldn’t be surprised since everyone says that girl’s items are the cutest. Either way I decided to test this out yesterday.

First let me list some reasons readily available girl’s clothing annoys me.
1. It’s all PINK. Boys clothes come in a myriad of colors - girls PINK.
2. There are always allusive references to stereotypical girl behaviors like “sassy, brat, princess, chatterbox”
3. There is usually something stitched on the bum of the item you are buying. No thanks.

Nathan and I went to Target yesterday evening, and I decided to browse the baby department like I normally do. This was the first time since knowing the gender of our baby so I spent a little longer in the clothing area. Oh my god. Out of 5 billion pieces of clothing I found maybe 4 things that I could possibly like. I showed Nathan to get his opinion. The number dwindled because one of them had hearts on the bum, and the other ones were well PINK. The pink ones were digestible pink at least, not pepto bismol pink, but I wanted something that wasn’t pink.

Nathan wants to check it out to see if he can find anything I might have missed. Nice try! So we browse together which was a lot of fun actually. We find one thing that meets all of our standards.

No pink.
No writing.
Nothing on the bum!

cable knit onesie
This one is from the Gap but is basically the same.

So we came to some conclusions.
1. Target is not the place for baby clothes (for us) besides basics.
2. Target is cheap and this is why it is nice.
3. Thank goodness for awesome mama’s like Maggie who sent me a bajillion links on how to make our own baby girl clothes.
4. Nathan agreed that boys have more options (at least at Target). I should also note that boys clothing has stereotypical words printed on them too, but far less than girls and in my opinion far less annoying as well.
5. There are a lot of great options online (though a bit more $), vintage, and thrifted options left to discover!
6. Our kid will probably be wearing onesies forever.


Random thoughts going through my head right now:

- I’m so used to saying how many weeks I am pregnant that I have no idea how many months I am.
- I can’t tell exactly how my nipples have changed over the past 20 weeks, but they have. I sorta miss my old ones.
- I’m really happy that our baby girl will be born in the spring. This means we will have all of the summer and fall with her before winter.
- Winter sucks. As much as I love holidays and cozy time and baking and family cheer winter sucks.
- Baths are amazing. I just got out of one and my back no longer hurts.
- I can’t wait until I can feel baby girl move more often in the day. I notice it from time to time, but definitely am more aware in the evening when I’m relaxing.
- I am for real craving a banana split. I’ve never had one before.
- Daylight Savings time is this weekend. Yuck.
- Thinking about going to a cheap hair place to get my hair trimmed. But I probably won’t go.
- I’m feeling the need to purge a lot of things.
- But then I feel the need to replace them.
- I’m looking for a coat for this winter…maternity or something that will fit me through till the end. But I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg.
- I feel out of it. Off kilter. Weird.
- I’m excited for my mommy to arrive. I sorta want to throw a happy baby party where we eat cake and laugh.

See summer is cool!
Our first harvest 2010

Winter is not.
Inspiration Day


Even though I had two days off this week I spent most of them sick, and am happy it is Friday! I’ve had a headache since yesterday, still feel like I’m recovering from Tuesday and really need some R&R with my hubby. It’s supposed to be a cold one today, and all weekend so snuggling is in the forecast!

I’m also attempting a delicious fall menu (we may have a rack of lamb - i need to do research on what is good/where to get it) for Saturday evening. I will keep you posted.

The menu is…
tossed salad with candied pecans
pumpkin and leek soup
rack of lamp with a side of garlic green beans

Oh, and my 20 week photo! It just hit me yesterday that we are at the halfway point in our pregnancy! I thought time was going slow, and now it just feels like it’s flying by! Oh what to do!

our little girl

We caught her mid-flip!

baby's profile
Her pretty little profile!

She opens up for a drink.

5 fingers
five little fingers…this is a favorite!

sonogram and vaccines

What a rollercoaster of day and a half! We of course got the exciting news from our technician and midwife that we are having a healthy baby girl! I was so worried about her being healthy that when she finally cooperated to show us she was a girl I didn’t know what to say!

She is very modest. The tech tried at least 10 times eventually jiggling my belly to get her to move so we could see between her little thighs. But she was not having it! She kept those thighs closed! The tech said she had an idea of the gender but didn’t want to say anything until she could get a photo of the organs. At this point, Nathan goes, “I think we might be having the first girl, Carey!” I don’t know how he knew what he was looking at! So the tech had me lay on my side for about 10 minutes and then tried again. Finally after another three or four tries it was confirmed! We’re having a girl!

At one point during the ultrasound the tech kept taking pictures of this flashy, moving thing. This also coincided with her turning quiet - she had been telling us things like, “This is the leg, or this is the kidneys.” Of course I have the worst imagination in the world, and so when she got quiet and continued taking photos of the same thing I thought something was wrong! I didn’t want to ask though I was so nervous! My imagination went wild! Is that a hole on my baby’s brain?! What is that?! Is there a mouth on her eyeball!?

Turns out it was her little heart. And, well they need a lot of pictures of it!
But everything is just fine! She is 11 ounces, moving lots, and has all her parts! My amniotic fluid and placenta are doing their job, and the midwife said everything “looks perfect.” Which was music to my worry wort ears.

After all that excitement I got my first flu vaccine. They recommend it for pregnant women (lower immune system), and especially for those who work or live around more people. I’ve never gotten one before, and at the time still didn’t quite understand my beliefs on vaccines. A few hours later I started to feel nauseous. Next thing I knew I was vomiting. I tried to stay hydrated between getting sick by sipping water and pedialyte, and then I’d vomit that. This went on for twelve hours!

I’m pretty weak now, and exhausted. Baby girl was moving a lot this morning, and I’ve managed to eat a piece of toast and keep down water and pedialyte. Wasn’t expecting that bit of craziness after such an exciting day, but we’re hanging in there.

I’m hoping to put some pictures up soon of our baby girl.

drumroll, please!

It's a Girl!!

Pictures to come of our healthy little baby girl! Nathan and I are so excited to have a daughter!! We celebrated this morning with laughter, kisses, coffee, and pink donuts!


I don’t know if I will have enough fearlessness to breastfeed in public (though I secretly hope I do), but I love Joanna’s post about it over on A cup of Jo!

I’ve gotten so much inspiration from the blogging world, and all the lovely mommy’s!